Boat rental

Procida, a sea of adventures

Our boats

You can book the exclusive use of a boat by selecting the day in the appropriate form. Our boats are equipped with a 40hp engine approved for driving without a license, therefore within everyone’s reach.

If you prefer, you can request the presence of a professional skipper who will guide the boat for you.

Guided excursions

In addition to the simple rental you can take advantage of one of our guides to visit all the most beautiful places on the island of Procida, with a tour suited to your needs.

Vivara Island

Drop anchor here, and enjoy some relaxation in the sea air of Vivara Island, a wild and mysterious nature reserve that rises beyond the bridge

The Corricella

Immerse yourself in the thousand shades of Corricella, the ancient fishing village famous all over the world for its colorful houses, once a fishermen’s house

Chiaiolella beach

Dive into the waters that lap the mythical Chiaiolella beach, and swim to the suggestive stacks, natural monuments, symbol of the island.

We are in Procida, in Corricella